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Name Description
youtube-viewer.tar.gz A command line utility for viewing youtube-videos in MPlayer.
wimp-viewer List and play the latest videos from with MPlayer.
trizen A lightweight and fast AUR Package Manager. (Works only on Arch Linux) Decode unicode characters from filenames and dirnames into ASCII equivalents. CPU Benchmarks data -- comparations. Show information for a given CNP. (Cod Number Personal)
srt-delay A commandline tool to adjust srt's time stamp. Usage: srt-delay <seconds>. List MP3 files, from a directory, that matches some specified tags, such as: artist, genre, title, etc...
menutray A simple Gtk2 Application Menu Tray.
obmenu-generator A really fast dynamic menu generator for the Openbox Window Manager.
obbrowser Recursively browse the filesystem through openbox3 pipe menus. (with icons)
fbmenugen Right-click menu generator for Fluxbox Window Manager.
pview Perl source code viewer and highlighter.
auto-mp3tags Adds auto tags to MP3 audio files from a directory and it's subdirectories.
rem-mp3tags Removes tags of MP3 audio files from a directory and it's subdirectories.
lixmaker.lix Create a Linux installer for your application. (UNSUPPORTED)
tzip A very simple file compressor/encoder.
binview Prints bits and bytes (or byte values) from a binary file. Adds Romanian diacritics to the words from a text file where are missing.
alsi Arch Linux System Information Tool. (Is very similar with archey) Keep only one or more file type formats in a directory and it's subdirectories. List and remove the other formats.
locatepm Find installed Perl modules matching a regular expression. Searches the current path for commands that contain the argument (that can be a regular expression). A very simple ASCII calendar.
fdf Find duplicated files from a given path (without using any checksum, so it's pretty fast!). Find files from a given path which have *ALMOST* similar filenames.
file-monitor Monitor a path for updated files, new files and deleted files. Display all the files from a given directory with size greater than nMB and modified in or after a given date.
asciiplanes Classic Airplanes Game (the old paper game that we all used to play when we were kids)
ampath Find files which have exact or almost the same name in a given path. Substitute Unicode characters with ASCII characters in files. Update the files in a directory with files from other dirs if they are newer. Update the files in a directory with files from other dirs, including subdirectories checking. Find the number of files and directories from a given path.
universal-streamer Play embed videos from many websites with MPlayer.
mpsh.tar.gz Modern Perl Shell - using Perl's 5.010 features (NOT complete!)
Macaleandrix.tar.gz A very basic MP3 Player based on mpg123. (Gtk2) (UNSUPPORTED)
marif Search something in some files specified as arguments, or in all files from a given path, using a regular expression. Get and display the lyrics for the current playing song in cmus player. Get and display the lyrics for the current playing song in moc player. Binary search algorithm - check if a word exists in a wordlist. The list must be asciibeticaly sorted. Extract words from text files and write/append them to a new file.
filesystem.cgi Filesystem browser via the Web Browser.
reptop Finds how many times each word is pressent in a file.
resdup A commandline tool to remove duplicated lines from a file, with many sort options. Strip the romanian diacritics from the text within a file and create a new file for the output. Smart word wrap algorithm to split a given text in rows with a maximum width by using the best combination possible. A very simple XML Parser, written in pure Perl.
converter Multi Units Converter. (OLD)
appfinder Linux Application Finder. (Looks for apps in /usr/share/applications/) Solve liniar equations using the Cramer's rule.
perl-browser A Gtk2 basic web browser based on Gtk2::WebKit. (UNSUPPORTED) Show disk and RAM usage. (based on the df command -- Linux only)
rem-ns-at-eof Remove empty new lines from the end of the files. Delete files from $delete_dir if exists in $compare_dir. Prints sorted lines from [file] which not exists in [comparation_file].
aurpkg Outputs the PKGBUILD for AUR packages specified as arguments.
nasa-pd Downloads all pictures form the section 'Astronomy Picture of the Day' from the NASA website. Split a text file in more files, each containing a defined number of lines. Put two or more lines together as columns. Put two or more files together as columns. Draw a cuboid in ASCII. Usage: ./ 10 5 3 x Turtle image generator. (requires GD::Simple) (UNSUPPORTED)
1yd One line command - YouTube video downloader.
yahoo-id-finder.tar.xz A basic Perl Gtk2 application used to search for Yahoo IDs. (UNSUPPORTED)

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** Most of the UNSUPPORTED programs are old and very bad written...